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Hire the Bungee Trampolines for your event!

The Bungee Trampolines are fast becoming one of the most popular children’s attractions around, and it’s easy to see why.

With the aid of bungee ropes, children are able to reach new heights that they would not be able to achieve on a regular trampoline.  With the added safety of the harness, they are also able to do flips!

It’s a high energy activity and so it's a great way of getting kids exercising without them even realising it!


The child is strapped in to a specially designed safety harness that passes around the waist and each thigh, then fastens securely with a click system buckle that the child will not be able to undo themselves.  Bungee ropes are securely attached to each side of the harness. The operator then winches the bungee ropes upwards while the child starts jumping on the trampoline. The higher the bungee ropes go, the higher the child will be able to jump - as long as they can maintain momentum!

With instruction and supervision from the operator, confident children will be able to achieve back flips and front flips!


If you would like to hire the Bungee Trampolines for your event, contact a member of our events team today for a no obligation quote and more information.

We have supplied the Bungee Trampolines for family fun days, private functions, marketing campaigns and public events. Whatever your needs, we can help!

Our team will deliver, set-up, operate, dismantle and remove the attraction. We provide risk assessments and method statements and carry public liability insurance and independent safety inspection certification (ADIPS).

Bungee Trampolines For Hire
Bungee Trampolines For hire
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