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The Services We Provide


We provide a comprehensive service, including:




We can supply you with a complete fairground, including:

  • Modern thrill rides

  • Sky-scraping aerial attractions

  • Vintage fairground rides

  • Family rides

  • Funfair favourites

  • Children’s rides

  • Games

  • Catering


We work with event organisers, councils, land-owners, shopping centers and entertainment complexes to provide a fairground tailored to their individual needs.  Venues include: music festivals, high streets/town centers, parks/greens, car parks, show grounds, sports stadiums, fields and others.



We are able to hire out our rides to clients at a set fee for use at private functions such as corporate events, parties and weddings, television and film or for marketing campaigns in promotional road shows etc.  Attractions will be fully transported, assembled, operated, dismantled and removed by our team.




We offer a complete service which can include full funfair management and operation. We will coordinate the entire operation from start to finish, including:


  • Selecting of attractions

  • Provision of the appropriate health & safety documentation

  • Site survey

  • Logistical planning

  • Siting and setup of attractions

  • Day-to-day running and management of the funfair

  • Dismantling and removal




We have operated our rides at various shopping centers and entertainment complexes. Center managers have found that adding rides and attractions to the complex increases visitor dwell time, provides more reasons for people to visit and the site rental fee that we pay instantly generates extra revenue.  As the attractions are mobile, they are easily removed, so are a great temporary solution if you are looking for something for half-term holidays or Christmas etc.  If you have the space (car parks and forecourts are ideal) and you think that our attractions would be a good addition, please give us a call to discuss the options.




We are experienced in location selection, fairground site plans, logistical operations and knowledge of specific rides and their suitability at different types of event.


Tell us your needs and we will discuss the various options available to you.  Every client and event is unique, so we will tailor our attractions to suit you.  Whether you are experienced in this field or you have never been involved with fairground planning before, we will help you every step of the way.




We are able to assess the suitability of a site for rides and attractions and suggest possible layouts that will maximise the potential of your fun fair.  Whilst this service is usually free when taken as part of the planning of a confirmed large event, there may be a nominal fee charged in other cases.




Think we can help with something else? - As well as the services mentioned above, our extensive knowledge and experience has resulted in our being called upon to assist in many varied projects.  If you think we can be of assistance to you, do give us a call.


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