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Want to hire a truly exceptional adrenalin ride for your event? For real thrill seekers, you need to go XTREME!


For events where only the most impressive and exclusive thrill rides will do, we present our newest addition "Xtreme". Now available for hire.

The impressive 30-seater attraction commands the attention of event-goers as it majestically traverses the sky in an array of dynamic motions, offering passengers sensations that no other flat ride can equal!

Xtreme is a truly incredible thrill ride. The unique drive motion creates an oval arc in both directions. The gondolas at the end of the cross arm rotate freely using centrifugal force, which generates an exciting whipping motion. All of these movements combined with the freedom of manual controls add up to a ride experience that is incredibly exciting.

“Xtreme” in particular, is an exceptional example of a Top Scan ride, unmatched by any of its counterparts. It is aesthetically stunning, maintained to an extremely high standard and creates an atmosphere that unfailingly captivates audiences.

Xtreme Top Scan Ride For Hire


If you are interested in hiring this unbelievable ride for your event, please contact a member of our helpful team today on

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Xtreme Top Scan Ride For Hire
Hire Xtreme - a truly incredible thrill ride!
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